Zills – Fun and Fundamentals - Holidaze 2019/2020

Zills – Fun and Fundamentals - Holidaze 2019/2020

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Workshop - Tuesday, December 17, 2019

If you are still not feeling quite proficient with finger cymbals this will be a great way to up your game.  We will cover the fundamentals which then can be used across all genres.  Whether you are ATS, Raqs Sharqi, or Folkloric in your dance style, these basics will all apply.  If you have never played zills before and have been curious, this would be a great introduction before diving headlong into a 10 week session where they would be a featured prop.  There will be notes for the students to take home.

Playing zills is one of the most fun parts of this bellydance thing we love so much.  During the early learning stages of finger cymbal mastery though, we do a lot of laughing at ourselves and the funny faces we make while concentrating on what our hands are trying to do. Come prepared to giggle a lot!  In this class we will learn how to be a rhythmic framework for the music we are dancing to.  We will work with basic rhythms and stationary movements, musical tempos, sound quality, and simple travelling movements while playing zills.  If you have never even played them before, this will be a fantastic class to take.  The instructor will have some sets for student use during the class, so that a purchase is not required for students who do not have their own yet.

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