Tania's 10 Year Intermediate Fusion Bellydance Fall 2018

Tania's 10 Year Intermediate Fusion Bellydance Fall 2018

$ 135.00


Starts: Thursday, September 20, 2018

Time: 7:45PM-9:15PM

Duration: 10 weeks

Recital: TBA

This September marks 10 years as a dance teacher for Tania, and she's feeling both nostalgic and super grateful about it. This term is about the students. Every term, the students at Bedouin Beats show a willingness to grow, change, and explore that blows Tania's mind. Through dance, and life, these students have shown her how to take a mere spark and make into something real.

A few years ago, she challenged one of her students to create an art piece to a strange little song called Entendre la foret qui pousse by Chapelier Fou. Her student, the artist Sabine Hahnel, knocked it out of the park. So this term, Tania has used Sabine's painting as inspiration for a weird and wonderful choreography to that very song. You know, as metaphor for all the inspiration she gets from all of her students :).  An ode to the creativity, dedication, playfulness, and weirdness of the students at Bedouin Beats. Get ready for an epic tahtib and fan veil piece and watch dancers grow from mere a idea into a full fledged forest.

Please email Tania with any questions at taniasbelly@gmail.com

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