Nouveau Fusion Bellydance Fall 2018

Nouveau Fusion Bellydance Fall 2018

$ 135.00


Starts: Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Time: 6:00PM-7:30PM

Duration: 10 weeks

Recital: TBA

This session, Dahlia is very excited to share with you a brand new alluring choreography! Every class will start with a fun warm-up focused on developing strength, flexibility and balance, as well as introducing movements and practicing principles to be used in the dance. This piece will be fun and challenging, filled with new and exciting ways of moving. Focusing on expression, fluidity and presence, this choreography will take you on a personal journey. The choreography is considered an intermediate level but there will be thorough explanation; if you are unsure about signing up or have any questions, feel free to email Dahlia at

Let's dance!!!

Student recital: We celebrate the end of each session with a fun dance recital, where you will have the opportunity to perform the choreography taught in class! If you choose to participate, you will need a performer ticket and a costume to wear for the performance. Costuming options will be made available. If you choose not to perform, we hope you can come to watch and cheer your class on!

Volume Discount for Multiple Registrations

When you register for for more than 1 class valued at $175 you can apply the the class discounts as follows.

First class value $175 = no discount

Second class value $175 = $155 or $20 discount

Third class (or more) value $175 = $135 or $40 discount

Classes valued at $155 do not apply for the discount.

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