Luna Improvisational Tribal Style Mixed Level: Sword Edition Fall 2019

Luna Improvisational Tribal Style Mixed Level: Sword Edition Fall 2019

$ 135.00


Starts: Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Time:  7:45PM-9:15PM

Duration: 10 weeks

Recital: December 15 @ La Cité Francophone - 8627 Rue Marie-Anne Gaboury, Edmonton, AB T6C 3N1
*Please note, performers are required to purchase a performer ticket ($17 +gst) closer to the date of the show to help pay for our beautiful venues.

Live on the edge with Sword ITS!

With the rising popularity of UNMATA’s ITS, this addictive and uniquely collaborative style of fusion belly dance has seen an explosion of avid fans on an international level. This uniquely modern dance form is based in group-synchronized improvisation, utilizing a shared movement vocabulary. Cues, moves, transitions, and leadership theory will all be explored and drilled extensively, alongside universal “stall” moves and Luna movement combinations. Watch your spatial awareness, confidence and connectivity with the dancers around you increase exponentially through this improvisational form of dance.

This is considered an advanced beginner/intermediate class. Proficiency in basic moves will be required (as in working knowledge, not perfection!) in vertical hip figure 8’s, 3/4 hip shimmies, and undulations.

We will be incorporating Swords into our ITS vocabulary!! You will need to bring your own sword, preference is for a sabre style with no hilt hand guard.

Not sure if this is the class for you? contact Saskia at  No experience but interested in a Beginner Improvisational Tribal  Style class? Let the instructor and studio know!

Warning, this dance form is not only great exercise but also highly addictive!!

Since 2006, Saskia has been developing her own combination based ITS vocabulary, after first discovering Tribal Fusion Style dance in 2001. With mentors like Amy Sigil of UNMATA and Gypsy Caravan’s Paulette Rees-Denis, and influences ranging from Egyptian dance, hip hop, flamenco, Bollywood and Fosse jazz, the saucy stylings of Luna ITS are guaranteed to please!

Read about your instructor here 

Student recital info:  We celebrate the end of each 10 week session with a fun dance recital!  There will be a choreography taught in this class and the opportunity to perform in our amazing end of term show! If you choose to participate, you will need a performer ticket as well as a costume to wear for the performance. Many costuming options will be made available.  If you choose not to perform then we hope you come and watch and cheer your class on!

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