Arms and Hands with Veil Bellydance Fall 2016

Arms and Hands with Veil Bellydance Fall 2016

$ 135.00


Starts: Thursday, September 22, 2016

Time: 10:00AM-11:30AM

Duration: 10 weeks

Come join us this fall for a sensual and artful Arms and Hands with Veil Belly Dance Class. This 10 week course will explore the variety of expressions of dancing with your arms and hands in bellydance. We will cover exercises and drills to strengthen and condition your upper body from your shoulders to fingertips, refining that elegance and sensuality of Egyptian arms, as well as good posture and upper body health. This is a dance class so we will be dancing of course, adding a veil with our movements as we progress through the term. Each 1.5 hour class will begin with a thorough warm up and cool down. This is a fun and invigorating instruction and fitness class and no choreography to be learned, all levels are welcome and everyone dances to their own abilities and speed.

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