American Tribal Style® Level 3: Tamarind Tribal Concepts Spring 2018

American Tribal Style® Level 3: Tamarind Tribal Concepts Spring 2018

$ 135.00


Starts: Thursday, April 19, 2018
Time: 7:45PM - 9:15PM
Duration: 10 weeks

Recital: Sunday, June 24, 2018

Instructors: Aimee Johnston and Karen Davison 

American Tribal Style® (ATS®) has been a well-established worldwide phenomenon for over 25 years. The movement vocabulary has expanded and includes new moves from Fat Chance Belly Dance® and other Sister Studios. Deepen your ATS® vocabulary, refine your technique, and learn advanced concepts.

Once you are well versed in the steps and concepts from Levels 1 and 2, ask your teacher if you are ready for Level 3. You can check Level 1 and 2 moves here.

The focus for this session will be movement dialect created by Tamarind Tribal. Tamarind moves like Dragonfly, Triple Egyptian, and Strong Arm have been around since Volume 9. In addition to these, we will be delving into the amazing concepts and movement dialect taught by Elizabeth Fish, AKA Super Beth (artistic director of Tamarind) at the 2018 ATS® Reunion. Come and learn how to do the Happy Goat, the Stella Luna, and the Turkish Box as well as some fun and challenging formations that were created or modified by Tamarind!

Prerequisite: Fluent in American Tribal Style® Level 1 and 2 as taught at Bedouin Beats. You will need a choli, 25 yard skirt, pantaloons, and finger cymbals which are available in our store.

Read about your instructors here

Student recital info:  We celebrate the end of each 10 week session with a fun dance recital!  There will be a choreography taught in this class and the opportunity to perform in our amazing end of term show! If you choose to participate, you will need a performer ticket as well as a costume to wear for the performance. Many costuming options will be made available.  If you choose not to perform then we hope you come and watch and cheer your class on!

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