American Tribal Style® Level 3 Fall 2017

American Tribal Style® Level 3 Fall 2017

$ 155.00


Starts: Thursday, September 21, 2017

Time: 8:20-9:20PM

Duration: 10 weeks 

Recital: TBA

ATS® celebrates the strength and beauty of dancers working together as a group. Formatted steps, cues, eye-contact and the familiarity of musical phrasing allow dancers to stitch together an improvisational tapestry each time they dance. American Tribal Style® is based on group improvisation rather than choreography. The ATS® system uses a standardized “vocabulary” of dance movements with built in cues and transitions that make it possible for dancers to improvise together in set formations.

This session, we have split up levels one, two, and three so we can make a concentrated effort on strengthening the moves in each level for each student. 

TriDevi Tribal has come up with an exciting skirt dialect that we want to share with you! In this class, you’ll learn how to modify your ATS® moves with a heavy emphasis on skirt work. We’ve taken some dialect from the masters, and created some of our own – completely unique to Edmonton! Dazzle your audiences with this fun, new dialect.

Pre-requisite for this class is a strong understanding of Levels one and two ATS® vocabulary. We encourage every student to take Level one to ensure your technique is sound. If you’re unsure about the moves in each level, please ask your instructors, or read more here

If you are planning to perform, you will need a choli, a 25 yard skirt, pantaloons, and a tribal belt or hip shawl which are available in our store. Please wear comfortable clothing to class and either bare feet or soft dance shoes.

Read about your instructors here

Student recital info:  We celebrate the end of each 10 week session with a fun dance recital!  There will be a choreography taught in this class and the opportunity to perform in our amazing end of term show! If you choose to participate, you will need a performer ticket as well as a costume to wear for the performance. Many costuming options will be made available.  If you choose not to perform then we hope you come and watch and cheer your class on!


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