Class Refunds Policy

Refund Policies for Classes


We appreciate that at times you may have to withdraw from a class.  The following policies will explain what we can do to help.


1.  There are no refunds on unused classes and they cannot be transferred to future sessions.

2.  Classes are not prorated.  If you register late in the session the full amount of the class fee will apply.

3.  If you register for a session class and need to withdraw within the first week of the session, you can apply for a partial refund.  We will deduct $20 per 1-hour class and $30 per 1.5-hour class/week up to 1 weeks and will also deduct a $25 admin fee from the original payment.

4. There are no refunds allowed after the first class/week for any reason..

5.  Session classes are non transferable once the session begins but before the session begins is fine.

6.  There are no refunds on Classcards but you can transfer the Classcard to someone else.


Here's the really good news for missed classes! If you miss a class you can make it up in one of our Drop In classes in the same session. 


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