American Tribal Style® Level 1 and 2A Spring 2017

American Tribal Style® Level 1 and 2A Spring 2017

$ 135.00


Starts: Thursday, April 13, 2017

Time: 6:00-7:30PM

Duration: 10 weeks 

Recital: TBA

No experience necessary, although belly dance experience would be an asset.

Welcome to the worldwide dance phenomenon called American Tribal Style® (ATS®) with its unique look including flowing skirts, finger cymbals, hair gardens, and layers of jewelry!  This innovative dance form was created in the San Francisco Bay Area by Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman, director of Fat Chance Belly Dance (FCBD®).  It was the first of its kind to use the magic of group improvisation to craft a mesmerizing performance.  The lead dancer provides visual cues to the followers to let them know which move to do next, resulting in dances/performances that appear to be choreographed but are actually improvised on the spot.  When you learn this format, you can instantly dance with anyone across the globe who speaks this dance language!

Through this class, participants will learn the foundational moves and vocabulary of ATS® from Aimee and Colleen, both certified ATS® teachers and FCBD® Sister Studios.

More information about the moves that may be taught in this session are available here:, Level 1 and 2A will cover the material designated as Level 1, 1+ and  2 in the above link.

If you are planning to perform, you will need a choli, a 10-25yd skirt, pantaloons, finger cymbals and a tribal belt or hip shawl which are available in our store. Please wear comfortable clothing to class and either bare feet or soft dance shoes.

Read about your instructors here

Student recital info: We celebrate the end of each 10 week session with a fun dance recital!  There will be an opportunity to perform in our amazing end of term show! If you choose to participate, you will need a performer ticket as well as a costume to wear for the performance. Many costuming options will be made available. If you choose not to perform then we hope you come and watch and cheer your class on!

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